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  • 02:32 A Reincarnation Case

    A Reincarnation Case

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    The James Leininger case is one of the most compelling reincarnation cases in existence. Reincarnation is the return of a soul, or spirit, to corporeal life, but in another body newly formed for it and having nothing in common with the old one. A vague me

  • 03:16 Reincarnation | A Quick Explanation

    Reincarnation | A Quick Explanation

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    What is reincarnation? How does it work? Why does it happen? Many questions answered in an easy way. Learn more about REINCARNATION: What is Spiritism? - https://goo.gl/O3dniUHeaven and Hell - https://goo.gl/gZG4uGhttps://www.ispirit.us/https://www.facebo